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Edison Middle School


Enrollment: 660

Edison Middle School is rich with tradition in the Champaign community.

We want to ensure high expectations are set, diversity is respected and honored, and the entire Edison community works cohesively with welcomed and valued input for our students’ success. Our ultimate goal is for Edison to be a school where current and future students will be academically challenged and developmentally enriched in an atmosphere that is socially equitable.


In 1914, Champaign High School was opened at 306 West Green Street. The school remained a high school until 1956. From 1956-1977, the building was known as Edison Junior High School. During the 1977-78 school year, Edison became a middle school.

Curriculum Offerings

The core middle school subject areas of math, literature, language arts, science, and social sciences are offered throughout the regular school day. Additional encore opportunities of art, music, drama, world languages, and a lab experience are available to all students. Foreign language opportunities specific to German, French and Spanish are offered to eighth graders. AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a support class intended to support and prepare students for more advanced course-work.


Edison Middle School has an active mentoring program. Many people from the community volunteer time to spend with their students and share their experiences.


Edison Middle School is internet accessible and computers are available for student use both in the classroom and in the computer labs. A technology lab center is in place at Edison. This inquiry based learning model expands students’ critical thinking skills. Modules include aviation, rocketry, robotics, computer assisted drawing, and electronics.

Read Attack, Math Attack, Math Lab, and Tutoring

Read Attack, Math Attack, and Math Lab are offered Monday through Thursdays to help students with homework and projects. A certified staff member is available to provide instruction and support. University students volunteer as tutors and are assigned to students who need more individual attention.


  • Assoc. of Ill. Middle Schools demonstration site
  • Award winning band program
  • Illinois Spotlight School

Extracurricular Activities

  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Homework Lab
  • Student Council
  • Jazz Band
  • Leadership Academy
  • History Club
  • Book of the Month Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Pom Squad
  • Guitar/Percussion Club
  • Soccer Club
  • Art Club
  • Athletics


The Edison PTSA is very active and welcomes participation by all parents, guardians, and families of Edison Middle School students. The PTSA:

  • Promotes all school endeavors
  • Sponsors Reflections fine arts
  • Coordinates volunteer efforts
  • Sponsors dances
  • Runs concessions at athletic events
  • Sells PE and Edison clothing
  • Sponsors PTSA mini grants for classroom activities
  • Supports school through purchasing new equipment


All of the Champaign Middle Schools offer the same interscholastic sport opportunities. Fundamental skill building, athleticism, training and sportsmanship are the key areas of focus. The aims and objectives of middle school athletics reflect the aim and objectives of the total school program. Available interscholastic middle school sports include:

  • Boys Cross Country (6, 7, 8)
  • Girls Cross Country (6, 7, 8)
  • Baseball (6,7,8)
  • Boys Basketball (7, 8)
  • Girls Basketball (7, 8)
  • Girls Volleyball (7, 8)
  • Wrestling (6, 7, 8)
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