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Champaign Unit 4 elementary schools strive to provide well-rounded literacy instruction in reading, writing, speaking, listening, language, media and technology skills. We do this by providing instruction in foundational skills, listening comprehension, and writing for primary students and in reading comprehension skills, vocabulary strategies, genre study, and writing for intermediate students. English Language Arts teaching at the elementary level incorporates whole-class teacher modeling, shared work, small-group guided instruction, and independent practice of culturally relevant literacy materials. Learning occurs through collaborative conversations, accessing complex text, engaging in research and inquiry projects, and promoting the use of communicative technology that supports the reading, writing, and speaking. As we seek to open doors to students futures, we invite you to join our Unit 4 community in helping all children cross the threshold to literate success.



Champaign Unit 4 is committed to empower each learner to thrive in a diverse and changing world. We seek to provide students with the appropriate language arts tools to engage and make meaning of language through instruction grounded in the Illinois Learning Standards and the tenets of elementary literacy:

  • Reading Foundational Skills includes instruction around print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics, and word recognition. These skills allow students to transform print and written symbols into meaning and comprehension.
  • Close Reading and Comprehension of Complex Culturally Relevant Text involves the reading and rereading of text while actively analyzing what is being read by taking notes, asking questions, and locating text evidence to support answers.
  • Collaborative Conversations allow students to engage in rich, structured conversations to respond to text that they have read or heard. Conversations involve such skills as comparing and contrasting, making connections and inferences, analyzing causality, and synthesizing through oral conversations as well as research and writing projects.
  • Writing instruction includes analytic writing and process writing. Analytic writing involves making an argument using evidence from text. Process writing consists of producing narrative, informational/explanation and opinion pieces.



Students will be prepared for College and Career Readiness by meeting the expectations set forth by the Illinois Learning Standards:


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2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade



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