Social Science

In keeping with national standards, research-based best practices, and NCHE Habits of Mind the goal of Unit 4's Social Science curriculum is to promote our students' active participation and competence. Focusing on 5 areas of Social Science including inquiry, civics, geography, economics and financial literacy, and history, students study social science not as an end, but rather as a means of understanding and becoming active participants in the world.



At the heart of our social science program is the belief that students will develop into active and responsible citizens of their school, community, state, country, and the world. Guided by the College Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework, students will employ critical thinking in a problem and issue-centered curriculum. Students are encouraged to investigate historically recurring patterns of social influence and purpose solutions to contemporary societal problems.

The goal of social science education is to prepare students to be active and productive citizens in a democratic society amid a globally interdependent world. Through an integrated study of social science disciplines, students will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and outlook as they become lifelong learners.



Illinois Learning Standards for Social Science

Illinois Learning Standards for Social Science by grade level

Grade Social Science Units
  • Our Classroom and School Community
  • Families Past, Present, and Across the World
  • Our Community - Neighborhood and Community Helpers
  • Our Community
  • Intro to American History: Cooperation and Conflict in Early America
  • Celebrations in Our Families, Communities, Nation and the World
  • Attempting Fairness and Freedom in Colonial America
  • Fighting for Fairness and Freedom - In Our Lives, Colonial America and Across the World
  • Organizing for Fairness and Freedom - In Our Lives, the Early Nation and Across the World
  • Families, Communities and the Nation Face Change: Western Expansion
  • Choices and Changes in Government
  • Families, Communities and the Nation Face Change: The Civil War
  • Economic Opportunity and Inequality - Industrialization Today and at the Turn of the Century
  • Cultural Opportunity and Inequality - Immigration Today and at the Turn of the Century
  • Cultural, Economic, and Political Opportunity and Inequality: The 1910's and 1920's
  • Facing Economic Inequality - America Reacts to the Depression
  • Justice, Freedom, and Equality in Wartime
  • Fighting for Equality, Justice, and Freedom through Civil Rights Movements



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