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Champaign Unit 4 School District is fully committed and enthusiastically invests in AVID’s strategies and methodologies. Currently, we have seven AVID schools: 

In these schools, aspects of AVID are embedded school-wide. Unit 4 embraces AVID’s Support   through dedication, hard work, and continuous learning. Our AVID sites continue to excel by preparing our students for college and beyond; this also contributes to all three middle schools earning the title of AVID National Demonstration School.

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    "I like being part of AVID because it is a community. Students push each other to excel, succeed, and stay organized. We get to know each other in a different way and on a different level, and that's something that's very important to me as an AVID teacher. It allows me to feel a part of a community at Jefferson. It's a unique experience that you can't find other places." -- Mrs. Cappa, 8th grade AVID teacher at Jefferson Middle School.

    "AVID allows me to stay organized because having an organized binder, locker, planner, email, and Google Drive will honestly help you. AVID also has tutorials twice a week that helps students understand what they're learning. It also helped me become more comfortable with public speaking. AVID has also helped me try new systems and methods of note taking. It has also helped to practice with paraphrasing which is an essential part of note taking." -- Kiara G., 8th grade AVID student at Jefferson

    "(We) see and express to students that AVID is a training ground to teach and help students practice the skills that they need to succeed in their other classes. If they learn them in the AVID class and implement them in their other classes, they can be successful!" -- Rashod Seaton, AVID teacher at Franklin Middle School

    "AVID helps you get ready for college and can help you become more confident in presenting in front of a huge group of people. AVID is important because it teaches you the importance of note taking." -- Jonathan C., AVID student at Franklin Middle School

    "AVID taught me different techniques on how to note take. I have used those note taking techniques to write notes which have helped me in my classes." -- Angelo G-H, AVID Student at Franklin Middle School.

    "There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs." That quote makes me think of AVID because AVID prepares you for college and you have to work a lot and hard to make that knowledge useful."   - Edison AVID 7th Grade Student

    "I think AVID is a place I can go to and not worry about other things in life, a place where you can just go to for an escape from the world around you." - Edison AVID 7th Grade Student

    "AVID is a class that can help you succeed but is also a fun class to talk, play games, chat with friends and do cool projects. it gives a chance for you to connect with teachers, and students." - Edison AVID 7th Grade Student

    "It means Advancement Via Individual Determination, but to me it was a place to gain confidence by presenting in front of people, and helping me take notes." - Edison AVID 7th Grade Student

    "Our AVID students continually inspire me everyday to be the best possible educator I can be for them. The strength of our AVID community of students, teachers, and families together builds strong leaders who are college ready. I am grateful to be a part of a program that helps teachers and families help students grow into strong, independent learners." - Meghan McGreevy, AVID Counselor and Site Coordinator, Edison Middle School

    "AVID is a change agent for education. It has helped us facilitate a culture of high expectations, increased rigor, and meaningful relationships. In the AVID elective students are empowered to push themselves in ways they never thought possible. As an AVID National Demonstration School we work to bring the system schoolwide so that every student that walks through our doors can experience the best practices that AVID has to offer." - Kyle Freeman, Associate Principal and verteran AVID Educator, Edison Middle School

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