Centennial Student to Be Honored By Local Business Leader

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 11:04am

Recently, local business leader Habeeb Habeeb posted on Facebook about an extraordinarily positive experience he had at a local fast food restaurant on a cold winter evening, particularly with a young lady who greeted him with kindness and positive attitude. His story about his experience that night has garnered more than 2,400 likes, 100+ comments, and 80 shares on Facebook. You can read the post here: 


That young lady is Centennial High School student Aliyah Maldonado. Tomorrow, Friday, January 23 during her third hour class at Centennial, Aliyah and Habeeb will be reunited. Mr. Habeeb will speak to Aliyah's class and recognize her for her hard work and genuine attitude. 

Aliyah and Habeeb share a common bond of starting their careers in fast food. Habeeb’s experience plays a big role in the talks his gives to businesses around the country. Aliyah is part of the work program at Centennial that aims to support students and provide school credit for maintaining and excelling at a part time job outside of school. Aliyah is truly excelling in her job and has a bright future ahead of her, having just been promoted to shift leader. ​