Centennial Author Visit - This Friday, September 25

Tue, 09/22/2015 - 9:54am

This Friday, author Jac Jemc will be hosting a writing workshop with approximately 50 Centennial students.  Her visit is sponsored in part by the Creative Writing Department at UIUC and the Pygmalion Literary Festival. 

Centennial Teacher Caleb Curtiss is responsible for organizing this visit and Centennial's Library is graciously hosting this event for students. 
Below is a rough outline of the day's workshop:
Friday - 1:15-3:30 - Centennial High School Library

Start things off a little after 7th hour (1:34 p.m.) with a reading and casual Q&A. 

50-60 kids will be participating including creative writing students, club members of Fiction Addiction, and honors English students.
Most of the students in attendance will have read something of the author's and bring a question or two for the author.
Jac Jemc will host a writing exercise with the students, with time for sharing and more Q&A at the end.

For more info about Jac Jemc, you can visit her website here:

Questions? Contact Caleb Curtiss or Karen Klebbe at Centennial High School. 

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