Unit 4 School District Celebrates Illinois State Scholars

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 10:54am

Illinois Student Assistance Commission congratulates 77 Unit 4 students on their academic achievement

Champaign Unit 4 School District is pleased to announce that 77 Unit 4 students—39 from Centennial High School and 38 from Central High School’s graduating class of 2017—have been recognized as Illinois State Scholars.

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC), the state agency committed to helping make college accessible and affordable for Illinois families, confers this prestigious recognition annually to top Illinois high school students. This year, approximately 19,300 exceptional honorees join the other top state students honored for their academic achievements since the designation was first introduced in 1958.  

Illinois State Scholars represent approximately the top ten percent of high school seniors from 765 high schools across the state. Illinois State Scholars possess strong academic potential and are chosen based on a combination of exemplary ACT or SAT test scores and sixth semester class rank. 

Champaign Centennial High School

·       Akinleye, Margaret

·       Bui, Bailee

·       Campbell, Alec

·       Carty, Christina

·       Cooper, Andrea

·       Cowser, Claire

·       Delacruz, Grace

·       Domingo, Jasmine

·       Ge, Tommy

·       Grimes, Madison

·       Guo, Carl

·       Haug, Nellie

·       Henry, Isaac

·       Huss, Gina

·       Janson, Randy

·       Jung, Rebecca

·       Jung, Seung Hoon

·       Kanakaraju, Kaviamuthan

·       Khatri, Dhavan

·       Kim, Kevin

·       Kim, Margaret

·       Kunkel, Anthony

·       Lee, Jung Min

·       Lee, Timothy

·       Loucks, Ellen

·       Mehta, Aaditya

·       Monroe, Christopher

·       Olson, Willa

·       Plummer, Sophia

·       Schmulbach, Nicholas

·       Seri, Ayrton

·       Suh, Judy

·       Trauth, Alexandra

·       Ulanova, Anna

·       Ware, Austin

·       Welch, Trayves

·       Zhang, Matthew

Champaign Central High School

  • Andsager, Nathan
  • Becker, Matthew
  • Bossenbroek, Evan
  • Boyd, Allyson
  • Briggs, Daniel
  • Burdette, Magdalena
  • Clutts-Petty, Evan
  • Dholaria, Nidhi
  • Dodds, Olivia
  • Friedman, Nathan
  • Gulley, Olivia
  • Guyot, Mariah
  • Henderson, Erin
  • Hong, Nancy
  • Huang, Bryan
  • Jackson, Theophilus
  • Larrison, Max
  • Manaster, Adam
  • Manfroi, Gabriel
  • Mininger, Andrew
  • Nugent, Lorin
  • Paray, Geralyn
  • Plattner, Courtney
  • Prom, Andrew
  • Reynen, Sophia
  • Roberts, Leah
  • Schideman, Luke
  • Sowers, Rebeka
  • Squier, Adrienne
  • Thompson, Marshall
  • Tufte, Virginia
  • Wathen, Sophie
  • Watts, Olivia
  • Westfield, Taya
  • Wilson, Cecilia

*Another 5 seniors from Central were also recognized. 

While State Scholar recognition does not include a monetary prize, students receive congratulatory letters from ISAC as well as personalized Certificates of Achievement sent to each high school for distribution. A list of current Illinois State Scholars can also be found on ISAC’s website. 

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