March 2017 Staff Spotlight Winner - Jacqueline Palmer

Fri, 03/10/2017 - 3:35pm

We are excited to announce the March 2017 Champaign Unit 4 School District Staff Spotlight winner: 

Jacqueline Palmer, 4th grade teacher at Barkstall Elementary School 

Due to Barkstall being out of school on spring intersession, we look forward to honoring her at the Monday, April 10, 2017 Board of Education Meeting alongside our yet-to-be-named April 2017 honoree at 6 p.m. at the Mellon Administrative Center. 

Parent Louise Nordstrom is Palmer’s nominator. She had this to say as part of her nomination submission: 

“Ms. Palmer deserves all the praise and recognition possible for the way in which she invests in the lives of her students. This year has been a tough year of changes for my daughter, and at every step of the way, Ms. Palmer has taken Natalie under her wing and taught her how to deal with new social situations and the challenges of life by encouraging her to do her best and teaching her new tools and coping strategies to help her deal with new things more easily. This encouragement has given my daughter a sense of confidence, purpose, and hope. Besides figuring out how to handle things in a new and better way, she now has a dream of being a fourth grade teacher and going to the U of I "because that's where Ms. Palmer went, and I want to student teach under her." Ms. Palmer regularly checks in with my daughter one on one to make sure she is coping well and is a source of wisdom and safety for my girl when she needs to open up and talk. Natalie regularly tells me that the best parts of her days are getting hugs and high fives from Ms. Palmer. I am beyond thankful for the relationship that Ms. Palmer has taken the time to build with my daughter. She is not afraid to stick her neck out and go through the proper channels to make sure my child feels safe and valued. She frequently praises both me and my daughter for her accomplishments and growth. She consistently finds ways to challenge Natalie, not just academically, but also socially and in leadership. She has proven herself to be interested in my child as a whole person with a life full of challenges ahead of her, and she is using her classroom influence to prepare her students for real life. It is very evident that she believes in teaching beyond academics. She has made more of an impact than I think any of us knows. And for that, I wish to honor her.” 

The review team would like to thank everyone who took time to submit one of our staff members for recognition. 

Please consider nominating an outstanding Unit 4 staff member today! Each nomination is kept in the running for Staff Spotlight for 3 months from its submission date. Forms and directions on how to submit are available the following page on the Unit 4 website:

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