Unit 4 Archery Teams Excel in State Tournament

Wed, 03/29/2017 - 8:56am

This weekend, teams from Unit 4’s Jefferson Middle School, along with Central and Centennial High Schools, competed at the National Archery in the Schools Program State Championship Tournament in Springfield, IL.

The Centennial High School Archery team won the state tournament with 3366 points. This is the team’s second state tournament in four years of the program. The Champaign Central High School Archery team competed and came in fourth place overall with 3321.

Despite the difficult times with the recent loss of their friend and teammate Luke Miller, Centennial archers were able to put their grief to the side, pull together as a team and win by one point. Luke may not have been there in person, but he was there in spirit. Several of his teammates shot sets of Luke’s arrows and one teammate shot his bow in his honor. 

Members of the Unit 4 Centennial High School State Archery Team:

Edward Lu, Makela Ward, Kaylee Bryan, Jessica Crane, Julia Arwari, Alex Bretzlaff, Ben Hannauer, Ally Miller, Allison Leman, Collin Hocking, Ritu Jaswal, Tori Rice, Maria Heller (1st place High School Female), Yaara Amit, Gina Kim, Ron Davis, Cayla Risinger, Chevelle Meade, Bailee Schweighart, Kaylee Zook, Hannah Zercher, Sofia Diaz-Stack, Haylie Denzer (5th place High School Female), Max Walters, Anushka Agrawal, Alyssa Reifsteck, Erin Eastham, Ben Kirkland (3rd place High School Male), Andrew Park, Isaac Stevens, Zachary Helstrom, Thomas Bryne, Will McNattin (4th place High School Male), Telice Lewis, Haley Good, Addie Leyerle, Antoine Hale, Tyson Sigler, Draven Scroggins, Tristan Summers, John Hill, Alex Arwari, Nathan Yahnke, Tyler Williams, Riley Berner, Matt Carey, Ryan Berner, Jackson Miller, Luke Greaser, Tanner Johnston, Trevor Boland, Anna Vinton, Braden Olmstead, Adam Youssef, Sabrina Jordan, Austin Schmonsees, Olivia Geis, Leavelle Allen, Jacob Arie, Valentina Grant, Aleene Lenz (Head Coach), Heather Miller (Coach), Ryan Miller (Coach), Ginger Lenz (Coach)

Nine of the Top 25 shooters in the State are Unit 4 students:

1. Spencer Weis, Champaign Central High School, 293

3. Maria Heller, Centennial High School, 291

5. Benjamin Kirkland, Centennial High School, 288

6. William McNattin, Centennial High School, 288

12. Leah Fields, Central High School, 285

15. Haylie Denzer, Centennial High School, 284

16. Alexis Lyell, Jefferson Middle School, 283

18. Allison Reiling, Central High School, 283

21. Julia Arwari, Centennial High School, 282


Congratulations to all of our Unit 4 archers for their tremendous accomplishments!

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