Champaign Unit 4 is Seeking Applications for Membership on the Education Equity Excellence Committee (EEE).

Mon, 08/07/2017 - 3:04pm

Champaign Unit 4 is seeking applications for membership on the Education Equity Excellence Committee (EEE) that will discuss equity issues in the District in areas such as academic progress, special education, gifted, AP/Honors, the Academic Academy, attendance rates, discipline rates, and graduation rates. 

The purpose of the EEE Committee is to support the Board of Education’s goal of providing an educational system that meets the needs of all students and leads to the attainment of educational excellence by all students, including students of diverse backgrounds. Additionally, the Committee will foster two-way communication and collaboration between the District and its stakeholders. 

The Board will approve five community members for membership. Community members may include parents or guardians of current District students, representatives of community organizations that address equity or education issues, or individuals who will assist the District in achieving the Committee’s purpose. Members must have their primary residence within the District. The Board is seeking members who will represent a diverse cross-section of the community that reflects the District’s student enrollment. 

Community members who are interested in serving on the Committee should apply to Dr. Susan Zola, Superintendent at 703 S. New Street, Champaign 61820. Applications and administrative procedures regarding the work of the Committee are available here or at the Mellon Administration Center. Applications must be received in the Superintendent’s office by 5 p.m. on August 31, 2017 to be considered. 

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