Phase II Lead Testing Results

Tue, 03/27/2018 - 3:02pm

Last fall we conducted State-required testing for lead in water at elementary schools built before the year 2000. Although not required by State law, we have since tested for lead at our middle and high schools, as well as elementary schools built after January 2000, as part of our commitment to student and staff safety.

Summary of testing by school

Central High School--lead detected in one sink and two drinking fountains
Centennial High School--no lead detected
Edison--lead detected in three sinks and two drinking fountains
Franklin--lead detected in one drinking fountain
Jefferson--lead detected in two sinks and one drinking fountain
Carrie Busey--lead detected in one sink
Booker T. Washington--no lead detected

Taking action

  • The impacted drinking fountains will be removed or replaced.
  • Impacted sinks will have filters added.
  • As a standard practice moving forward, we are also posting signage and communicating that filling water bottles is best done at a drinking fountain rather than at sinks.

Detailed results can be found here.

More information about lead exposure and the required testing is available here:

ISBE Guidelines

EPA Basic Information about Drinking Water

Our community partner Malcolm Hilll, MD, pediatrician at Carle, has recommended the following resource regarding lead prevention for parents:

Illinois Department of Public Health Lead Prevention Guidelines




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