Congratulations to Brandy Dietsch, Staff Spotlight Winner

Mon, 06/18/2018 - 10:35am

Congratulations to Brandy Dietsch, Social Worker, Champaign Early Childhood Center for being selected as our monthly staff spotlight winner. 

Brandy was nominated by one of her coworkers, Tania Swigart. Here's what Tania had to say:

If I could clone one person, it would be Ms. Brandy so that every building could benefit from having such a wonderful co-worker! Ms. Brandy runs amazing play-based social work groups for not only students who qualify for services, but also incorporates other students into the groups who may need guidance in their social skills or have strengths in helping others. Ms. Brandy is always looking to not only help students build their skills, but also encourage and build confidence in students who have strong skills and a heart for helping others in their class. Beyond assisting students through her teaching, Ms. Brandy also provides services and resources to our families in need. She is both knowledgeable, passionate and determined to be sure our students and their families are safe, healthy and have their needs met. Beyond our students and families, however, Ms. Brandy also takes care of the classrooms and staff in our school. Ms. Brandy is always willing to step in to a classroom during difficult parts of the day to provide additional assistance and provides a non-judgmental, helpful, caring ear to any staff member when our jobs become frustrating and overwhelming. Ms. Brandy is the co-worker who does it all; taking care of students, families, classrooms and fellow co-workers! We love Ms. Brandy and would be lost without her!