Order your "Brilliant. Bold. Beautiful." t-shirt by April 12 to support our young black girls

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 2:52pm

We recently launched a campaign to support our African American girls - and what an amazing turn out! Brilliant. Bold. Beautiful. is an initiative to provide positive images and supports to this group of students to dismantle the myth society has created around their identity.

These t-shirts are one of many ways we can celebrate and help our girls better understand their potential and legacy of scholarship and excellence.

The final date to order a Brilliant.Bold.Beautiful t-shirt is April 12, 2019. Download the order form here.

Unit 4 School district and the BBB Committee would like to thank everyone who purchased or donated a BBB t-shirt for a student or child in our community. The support from our community and the Unit 4 staff is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU! 

You can also watch our Facebook page and online calendar for notices about the next Brilliant. Bold. Beautiful. meeting this spring, where we'll get together to discuss action items to support our young black girls.