Unit 4 seeks applications for community members to serve on district Finance Committee

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 4:46pm

The Champaign Unit 4  Finance Committee seeks to increase community/stakeholder awareness of finance issues and provide an opportunity for informed, representative feedback

The committee will meet at least quarterly to discuss budget sources and uses, the tax levy, borrowing and audit matters and the financing of matters of equity and capital construction.  The committee will also discuss funding of proposed new, continued and discontinued programming along with select major purchases and contracts.

 “Financial transparency and following best practices regarding finance matters are important to the Board of Education,” said Amy Armstrong, Unit 4 Board President. “The Finance Committee will be a valuable source of community input as we discuss various finance topics. About half of the committee will be community-based members with specialized expertise in finance practices.”

The Finance Committee will include up to 14 members including representatives from the Board of Education, administration, teaching staff and support staff.  Of the 14 members, there will be up to six community representatives that have a demonstrated expertise in finance, budgeting, borrowing and/or long-range planning.  This might include accountants, business owners, bankers, financial planners, actuaries, college professors of business, economics and accounting.

The Board of Education will select the community representatives based upon applications filed by the deadline of September 6.  An application and instruction to apply for membership on the Finance Committee as well as additional background about the committee’s charge is posted on the District’s website on the Finance Committee page.