Unit 4 Shows Progress in Annual Illinois Report Card

Wed, 10/30/2019 - 1:30pm

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. – The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) today released the annual Illinois Report Card, which provides a detailed look at each school’s progress on academics, student success, school culture and climate, and financial investments. Carrie Busey Elementary headlined Unit 4’s data with exemplary status, performing in the top 10 percent of all schools across the state and with no underperforming student groups.

Unit 4 saw nine of its schools achieve commendable status, including both high schools (Central and Centennial), one middle school (Jefferson), and six elementary schools (Barkstall, Bottenfield, IPA, Kenwood, South Side, Stratton). Among that group, both Jefferson and South Side moved up their designations from underperforming last year to commendable this year. Schools listed as commendable have no underperforming student groups and fall outside the top 10 percent of schools statewide.

Seven Unit 4 schools were designated as underperforming in this year’s data, meaning that one or more student groups is performing at or below the level of the “all students” group in the lowest performing five percent of schools. No school in the district ranked among the state’s lowest performing.

Among more specific measures, Unit 4 fared above the state average for both English Language Arts and Math scores on the SAT. The district also was above the state average for number of eighth-graders passing algebra. Both Franklin Middle School and Garden Hills Elementary reduced the number of student groups in designation from last year to this year.

Depending on designation, schools have between $15,000-30,000 available through the Title I School Improvements Grants 1003(a).

“We have reason to celebrate with an exemplary school, and nine commendable schools, including both of our high schools,” said Unit 4 Superintendent Dr. Susan Zola. “None of our schools were designated as lowest performing and two of our schools moved from underperforming to commendable in the past year. Still, the district is always seeking opportunities to further accelerate student achievement in all schools.”

Complete Report Card data for the district and each of its schools can be found at­ www.illinoisreportcard.com.