Board of Education Approves Capital Improvements and Maintenance Plan


Thu, 10/31/2019 - 8:49am

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. – Champaign Unit 4’s School Board unanimously approved a five-year Capital Improvements and Maintenance Plan at its meeting Monday evening. The District will move forward with capital projects and purchases necessary for maintenance and repairs through 2024.

“Building maintenance across our campuses is necessary in order to enhance safety and provide a better experience for our students throughout the district,” said Unit 4 Superintendent Dr. Susan Zola. “Several of these projects are simply due to typical wear and tear, while others repair or enhance systems already in place. The number of projects spans across 21 of our facilities for fiscal year 2020 alone and many locations will see improvements in multiple years during the timeline.”

The plan’s projects are funded from existing district money and do not require additional finances.Funding sources for the plan include county-wide sales and facility tax dollars, operation and maintenance property tax receipts, capital projects interest income, education fund property tax receipts, and proceeds from the sale of real estate. These available funds combine to total more than nine million dollars over the five-year term.

Every school building district-wide is included in the plan with an emphasis on safety, student experience and impact, and playground accessibility. Projects across multiple buildings include roof repairs and replacement, additional exterior lighting, electrical upgrades, new sprinkler systems, boiler replacement, bleacher replacement, additional security cameras, and more. Work will be bundled as much as possible and spread across the fiscal years 2020-24.