Champaign Unit 4 Remote Learning Plan

Mon, 04/06/2020 - 12:19pm

Dear Unit 4 Families and Staff Members: | French | Spanish | Korean | Arabic | Vietnamese | Find remote learning plan in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese here. 

We hope this communication finds you healthy as we travel together through the uncharted waters of COVID-19. I have been so impressed with the way our community has rallied to support students and families during these challenging times. Our hearts go out to the individuals and families that have been touched by the Novel CoronaVirus. Our thoughts are with you!

On Tuesday, April 7, 2020, Unit 4 will launch its Remote Learning Plan in Regular Calendar schools. This plan will guide our efforts through the state-mandated closure of schools that is currently scheduled to continue through April 30. The launch date of Remote Learning for Balanced Calendar schools will be different. Principals of Balanced Calendar schools will provide more information to families as plans are finalized.

Obviously, remote learning is not the same as in-school teaching and learning. There is no substitute for the day-to-day in-person interaction between teachers and students. We know our teachers miss their students and we are confident that most students miss their teachers.

We have tried our best to keep families and staff members informed since schools were first ordered closed by the Governor. We recognize that you have received multiple communications from the District but that is because a lot has changed since schools originally closed.

On March 13, the Governor ordered the closure of all public and private schools in Illinois from March 17 through March 30. At that time, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), the state agency that issues guidelines that all public schools must follow, directed schools to provide at-home learning support. Unit 4 did that through the “At-Home Learning Resources” document we sent to families in mid-March.

On March 20, the Governor extended the mandated closing of schools through April 7 and on March 31, the Governor extended the mandated closing of schools again through the month of April. Following the extension, ISBE directed school districts to provide a structured Remote Learning Plan through April 30. That’s where we are today and that’s why you are receiving Unit 4’s Remote Learning Plan.

The Remote Learning Plan contains detailed information covering all grade levels and special programs. Few people will need to read the entire document so here are some suggestions to help you find the information that is most important to you.

Everyone is encouraged to read the opening portion of the plan that includes:

A Note from the Superintendent
Educator Commitments
Student & Family Commitments
Keeping Students & Families Informed
Educational Content Delivery

While this seems like a lot of reading, all of these topics are covered in just five pages (pages 3 through 7).

In addition, everyone is encouraged to read the section called “Digital Devices” section on pages 20 through 23. This section provides information on the technology portion of the plan. Many of our students already have District-issued Chromebook computers and we have started identifying families that do not have a Chromebook so as many students as possible can use digital resources for learning as well as home-school communication.

The rest of the Remote Learning Plan contains information that is specific to particular grade levels and special programs. Not all families will need to read all of these sections, just the sections that pertain to their students. To help you navigate the plan quickly, the Table of Contents has a hyperlink for each topic so you can quickly get to the sections that are of interest to you. Each topic ends with a “Return to Table of Contents” link so you can easily get back to the outline of the entire plan.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding during these challenging times. When the school year began, none of us could have imagined the events of the past few weeks. While we hope schools will reopen after April 30 no one really knows, for sure, at this time. We will continue to communicate with families as events warrant. As a school district, Unit 4 will continue to show care and compassion for families and students throughout this crisis and we encourage families to do the same for friends, neighbors and the greater Champaign community. Together, we will get through this and I wish you the best as we all work together to help each other.

With gratitude for everything you are doing,


Dr. Susan Zola


Champaign Unit 4 Schools