Town Hall Meeting II January 31, 2006


Tue, 01/31/2006 - 12:00am

Welcome/Opening Remarks

Superintendent Culver expressed his appreciation to everyone who attended and reviewed the school district’s desire to implement an SRO program. He reported that in his experience in previous school districts, SRO’s have played a positive role in the overall behavior management plan. He also noted that improvement in the district’s discipline data is incumbent upon both students and staff improving their behavior and interpersonal skills. He said it is important that “we see people in the right light” to increase the likelihood of positive relations. He also indicated that he is a strong proponent of character development programs which he believes help students make positive choices and exhibit acceptable morals and values. Although he believes these traits should be taught in the home or at church, he realizes sometimes they are not, so the school must assume this responsibility.

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