Live Homework Help Available from the Champaign Public Library Website

Mon, 10/02/2006 - 12:00am

Free Online Homework Tutoring Is Here, Brought to You by the Champaign Public Library

Now when Champaign students get stuck on a homework problem, expert help is just a few clicks away. 

The Champaign Public Library has just made free Live Homework Help available through its website,  From 3 to 9 p.m. every day, Champaign students in grades 4 to 12 (plus early college) can connect online with real tutors for help with English, math, science, and social studies. Live Homework Help is powered by and provided by more than a thousand libraries nationwide.  

How Online Tutoring Works

Students enter their grade level and the subject they need help in.  Subject areas include:

Math: elementary, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus

Science: elementary, earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics

Social studies: American history, world history, political science, and more

English: spelling, grammar, essay writing, and book reports

In just a few minutes, students connect with a tutor and start to talk using instant messaging.  Problems can be sketched out on an interactive whiteboard.  Tutors can point to Web pages, and students can share files they ’re working on.

Tutors don’t give answers, but help move students toward the right conclusion — and understand how they got there.  They provide plenty of encouragement, too. They’ll spend up to twenty minutes on one question, and there’s no overall time limit.

The tutors are teachers, professors, college students, and tutoring professionals who are carefully trained and continuously evaluated. Each one must pass a background check. 

Champaign Students Praise the Service

Champaign students who have used the service already have posted these positive comments:

“This is really helping me develop better methods of solving problems.”

“I’ve been looking around for something like this for a long time so I am endlessly thankful.”

“I’m learning a lot really fast.”

Access with a Library Card (or at the Library)

Live Homework Help can be used at home or at the Champaign Public Library. Students must link to it through the library’s website, . A PC with a minimum 56K Internet connection is needed. For now, tutoring is freely available to make it easy to try.  A Champaign library card number will be needed to log in later this fall.  We are also introducing a new E-card. Available to any student in a Champaign public or private school, this free card will allow access only to our online resources and does not require a parent’s signature. For questions about library cards, call 403-2000.

To Learn More or Contact the Library

Find the basic facts or link to the service in the kids’ and teen areas of our website:

Get technical details on our website at

or  visit

Call Children’s Services at 403-2030 or

talk to our teen librarian, Betsy Su, at 403-2070.

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