Update on Kindergarten Assignment Process

Tue, 04/24/2012 - 12:00am

Parents of incoming kindergarten students who registered during the month of March should receive their kindergarten assignment in the next few days, as letters were mailed the evening of April 24. This year, 89.1% of the 768 students who registered received their first choice assignment, the highest percentage in the last four years of the controlled choice assignment process.*

Kindergarten registration for 2012-2013 is on track to exceed last year’s enrollment of over 800 Kindergarten students. In anticipation of the projected enrollment for next year’s Kindergarten classes, three additional Kindergarten classrooms will be added to Champaign Unit 4 Schools for the 2011-12 school year. Those kindergarten classes will be added at South Side Elementary, Bottenfield Elementary and Robeson Elementary. The newly added kindergarten class at Robeson will be a bilingual (Spanish/English) classroom. These classrooms have been added in order to avoid exceeding the District’s classroom capacity, set for 2012-2013 at 23 students. 

To accommodate the additional classroom space needed at South Side, the installation of a portable unit currently owned by the district is anticipated in June. It is still undetermined as to which classes at South Side will be utilizing the portable classroom space. Existing space will be utilized at both Bottenfield and Robeson. 

This year, 95.4% of all students registered received an assignment.** Family Information Center staff members are contacting families of the 35 students who remain unassigned after the process. They will continue to work with these families so that each child may be assigned a seat as soon as possible. The families may also choose to remain on a wait list for their selected school.

* 09-10 – 84.2% received their first choice assignment
10-11 – 78.3% received their first choice assignment
11-12 – 85.4% received their first choice assignment
12-13 - 89.1% received their first choice assignment

** 09-10 – 91.9% received an assignment
10-11 – 92% received an assignment
11-12 – 95.4% received an assignment
12-13 - 95.4% received an assignment