Taking the Time to Honor Our Teachers

Fri, 05/10/2013 - 2:57pm


During this past week, we all took the time to honor our teachers and acknowledge the crucial role they play in making sure that all of our students receive a quality education. This comes at a time when national surveys indicate that teacher morale is at one of its lowest points of all time in part due to the incredible pressure and stress placed on public school educators.

The problems of our society can also be found in our classrooms and in addition to teaching academics, our teachers have no choice but to also address the emotional and social needs of our children. Add to this a state government struggling to find an answer to our pension crisis and the continual decrease in state funding. When you consider all of these things it’s easy to see why you’ve asked yourself on more than one occasion why you stay in this profession.

But, if you think back to your own experience as a student and recall the teacher that made a difference in your life, I think you realize why teaching is one of the greatest professions. There are a lot of daily issues we all contend with, but the love of teaching and the desire to see our students grow and flourish is in the heart and soul of every great teacher. Yes, National Teacher Appreciation Week is nice but truly isn’t enough as we should really take time to support and show respect and encouragement to our teachers every single day.

I began this week with the following quote. It highlights the critical role public education has in a democratic society and emphasizes that without our teachers, the hopes and dreams of many would not be realized.

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