District Goals

Tue, 08/06/2013 - 8:53am

From Dr. Judy Wiegand:

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! As we embark on a new year, I would like to encourage you to familiarize yourself with the goals that we have developed together with the Board of Education for our District.

GOAL #1: The Superintendent will foster high academic achievement, wellness, and well-being among all learners in a safe, supportive environment.

To continue our legacy of excellence, the primary focus of our work must center on teaching and learning to assure that all students are prepared for career and post-secondary success. To reach this goal, we will continue to closely monitor critical academic benchmarks such as kindergarten readiness, third grade literacy, eighth grade math, graduation rates, and post-secondary course placement to ensure that our students are competitive with their peers at a state, national and global level. We have expanded opportunities for students in the area of career and technical education and must continue to expand in this area to meet the needs of the workforce. Additionally, we will work to provide all students an opportunity to begin career exploration as early as kindergarten, and continue with them through graduation. 

GOAL #2: The Superintendent will align the District’s priorities and resources through a community-involved planning process implemented through focused action plans with regular progress reports.

One of the greatest strengths of our community is the diversity of our population. Our schools reflect this strength and our students’ school experiences are enriched because of it. We will continue to build on this strength to ensure that all students have access and opportunity to all educational programs.  We will continue to monitor enrollment and performance of students in gifted, honors, and dual credit programs, and enrollment and participation in athletic and extra-curricular programs. We are committed to continuing the implementation of the recommendations from the Climate Survey (Aber, 2009), and will provide students and staff safe places to discuss the critical issues of race and class in our organization.

GOAL #3: The Superintendent will retain, hire, and support highly qualified faculty and staff that will best serve the District’s diverse student population.

The most important work taking place in our schools every day is the interaction between teachers and students. The most important administrative position in the District is the building principal as they have a significant impact on the climate and culture of a building. To provide the level of excellence the community expects and deserves from its schools, it is imperative that we recruit and retain highly qualified faculty and staff. This is the first year for the implementation of the Champaign Framework for Teaching, which was jointly developed by the District administration and the Champaign Federation of Teachers. This document will serve as the evaluation instrument for all teachers. Finally, our students must envision themselves in the adults working with them, and we will continue our efforts to recruit and retain a workforce that reflects our community’s demographics.

GOAL #4: The Superintendent will effectively and efficiently engage parents and other community stakeholders resulting in strong partnerships.

A community’s economic growth and stability are dependent upon having a school system responsive to that community’s needs. To accomplish this, we must have a strong school-community partnership. It is critical that we improve the understanding of the school assignment process at the elementary level to our community. We also seek continuous improvement in our communication and in the customer service we deliver to our diverse community. In short, we must strive to become a more student and family-centered organization.

GOAL #5: The Superintendent will leverage the strength of the District’s diverse population to create a rich academic and social environment in each of the District’s schools.

As public schools continue to face limited resources from the Federal, State and Local levels, the priorities for programming and facilities must be clearly articulated. The established practice of fiscal conservatism will continue to ensure that future years will not require significant budgetary reductions.  The transparency provided by the Promises Made, Promises Kept Committee will be expanded to a District Finance Committee. The charge of this committee will be to provide a better understanding of school finance for our community.

GOAL #6: The Superintendent will revitalize, build, and maintain facilities that are safe, sustainable and allow equitable access to programming services across the District.

The District has done a considerable amount of work with the 1% sales tax revenue and has replaced two schools (Booker T. Washington and Carrie Busey), extensively renovated Garden Hills, and will complete renovations on four additional elementary schools. Although we have made great progress in this area, work is still needed to address the educational needs at Dr. Howard, South Side, the three middle schools, and the two high schools. A long-term facility plan will be provided to the Board, along with a financial plan to support the recommendations.   


The goals we have set are ambitious, but I am confident that we have the talent and dedication to rise to the challenges that lie ahead. Below you will find each goal and a description of how we will work to achieve it. As your Superintendent, I will work with each of you to ensure our collective success.

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