Board of Education Announces Final Four Sites for New Central High School

Mon, 12/09/2013 - 7:49pm

At Monday’s meeting, the Board of Education announced its top four sites for a new Central High School, each located along Olympian Drive. Members of the architectural firm Gorski-Reifsteck presented on each of these top sites and presented a summary of the work completed to help narrow the selection. The Board will be selecting their top site in closed session and will announce the site once negotiations have been finalized.

After many years of discussion and research--including the Future Facilities community engagement efforts last school year, a transportation study by the Regional Planning Commission, and the Central High School Town Hall Meeting--the Board of Education has been working with Gorski-Reifsteck Architects to objectively select a site for the new Central High School.

“As a Board, we understand the lasting impact the new high school location will have on our community,” said Board of Education President Laurie Bonnett. “We’ve spoken with our students and families and we know how important it is to them to include all of the amenities of a high school on one site. We want to build a high school to fit our students’ needs and allow room to grow in the future. We are committed finding solutions to maximize community involvement at any of the final sites.”

As part of this process, the firm asked Board members to individually score site factors based on their level of importance. This information was used to identify the available sites that best meet the needs of the school district. Upon considering the amenities necessary to deliver a comprehensive high school program, Gorski-Reifsteck determined that the high school would require at least 47 acres to support the facilities and another 6-9 acres to handle site drainage, for a total of approximately 56 acres total for a new high school.

A team of engineers associated with Gorski-Reifsteck is also in the process of examining sites to uncover any hidden costs, with the goal of providing the Board with the true cost of selecting any of the final sites.

The final sites include the following site numbers: #4, #5, #6, #13

Please view the map below that includes outlines of the final sites.