Residents Weigh in on Possible School Sites at Central Community Meeting


Wed, 06/18/2014 - 1:19pm

More than 90 residents attended Tuesday’s Community Meeting and weighed in on the two locations under consideration for a new Central High School.

Representatives from Gorski Reifsteck/DLR Group shared with attendees possible layouts for both sites under consideration, including the 80-acre parcel on Interstate Drive as well as Spalding Park and the surrounding area.

Gorski Reifsteck/DLR Group also shared that the site at Spalding Park would come at an additional cost of $45.8 million over the site on Interstate Drive, including approximately $24 million for the site itself and $21.8 million in additional construction costs.

Participants had the opportunity to ask questions, and District leaders answered community questions for more than an hour to ensure all participant questions were addressed. Questions and comments gathered will help to inform Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will be available on the District’s website. The current list of FAQs is available here:

At the close of the meeting, participants were asked to select their preferred site based upon the available information. Of the 68 participants who voted at Tuesday's meeting, 78% preferred the Interstate Drive option and 22% preferred the Spalding Park option.

The District purchased the site on Interstate Drive in January for $3.2 million, but received new information from representatives of the Champaign Park District in April regarding the possibility of using Spalding Park for the school. In order to explore all possible options for the new school, the District began fully investigating that site as a possibility.

Gorski Reifsteck/DLR Group has been working collaboratively with the District’s administration, staff, and students to assess the academic programming needs and assist with the planning for a new Central High School and renovated Centennial High School.