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Board of Education Adds Three Firms to Project Management Team

At tonight’s meeting, the Unit 4 Board of Education gave approval for administration to enter negotiations with three firms to assist with the planning and execution of $203.4 million in school facilities projects approved by voters in November. Approval of the contracts solidifies the District’s Project Management Team structure to accomplish this work. 

Unit 4 Board Discusses Next Steps to Accomplish Referendum Projects

For the first time since the passage of the November 8 school facility referendum, the U4 Board of Education discussed its next steps to accomplish the approved facility projects. 

Referendum Update

At tonight's Unit 4 Board of Education meeting, President Chris Kloeppel provided an update to the community on next steps following the approval of the District's $183.4 million school facilities referendum in last week's election. 
According to Kloeppel, immediate next steps include: 

Referendum Passed

On behalf of Superintendent Wiegand and the Board of Education:

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