Finance Committee

Committee Goal

Advance the broader interests of community/stakeholder awareness and organizational transparency while simultaneously providing opportunity for informed, representative feedback.


  • Meet at least quarterly to undertake topics of importance to the District, its community and stakeholders in the financing of District operations, including but not limited to: budget sources and uses, tax levy, borrowing, audit and the financing of matters of equity, capital construction, proposed new, continued and discontinued programming, select major purchases, contracts and the like.
  • Make public presentations on the aforesaid, probe committee membership for clarity and understanding and solicit feedback from said same members.
  • Consider and incorporate committee feedback and revise plans, as appropriate, prior to furthering a matter for adoption by the Board of Education

Proposed Quarterly Meetings

Dates to be announced soon.

Committee Members

Find the application to be on the committee here. Applications are due Sept. 6, 2019.

For more details about the charge of the Finance Committee, click here.