Finance Committee

Committee Goal

Advance the broader interests of community/stakeholder awareness and organizational transparency while simultaneously providing opportunity for informed, representative feedback.

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  • Meet at least quarterly to undertake topics of importance to the District, its community and stakeholders in the financing of District operations, including but not limited to: budget sources and uses, tax levy, borrowing, audit and the financing of matters of equity, capital construction, proposed new, continued and discontinued programming, select major purchases, contracts and the like.
  • Make public presentations on the aforesaid, probe committee membership for clarity and understanding and solicit feedback from said same members.
  • Consider and incorporate committee feedback and revise plans, as appropriate, prior to furthering a matter for adoption by the Board of Education

Committee Members:

Gianina Baker - Board Member
Guy Cahill - Financial Consultant (Guy Cahill & Associates, Inc)
R Scott Davis - Community Member
Ron Fields - Community Member
Seth Hansen - Assistant Direector of Finance
Michele Johnson - Director of Accounting Services
Brock Martin - Community Member
Lee McDonald - Community Member
Lisa Milkereit - CFT President 
Andy Nelson - Community Member
Mayo Olukoya - Community Member
Kathy Shannon - Board Member
Greg Stock - Cenntennial High School Teacher
Rhonda Thornton - Director of Assessment, Digital Learning and Title Programs
Katina Wilcher - Director of Student, Family and Community Engagement
Dr. Susan Zola - Superintendent, Champaign Unit 4 Schools

Past meeting agendas

Nov. 26, 2019

Oct. 29, 2019