Champaign Community #4 School District Curriculum

Well-designed curriculum and sound instruction are the hallmarks of effective education. Much of the work of the Teaching and Learning Team addresses the need to tailor both curriculum and instruction to diverse student needs. The Unit 4 Teaching and Learning Team works with teachers and are working to build curriculum resources that will address the needs of each individual student. Unit 4 is charting a clear path to student success for all.

Testing for placement in the Champaign School District gifted classes for the school year 2016-17 will be administered.  Applications are available for students who are first grade through grade four.  Students testing should be residents of Champaign and have completed an application.  Private school parents should contact the Gifted Department for applications.  Please forward completed applications to Jaime Roundtree, Director of Teaching and Learning, 703 South New Street, Champaign IL 61820.  Students from private schools will test at the Mellon Administrative Center. Parents of private school students will be notified by mail of the time and date following receipt of completed application.