Discipline Equity/Advisory (DEA) Task Force

Acts in an advisory capacity to reduce unwarranted racial disparities in the area of school discipline and revises the upcoming year's Student Code of Conduct.

Committee Members

Alexander, Chasity (Windsor)

Bridgemohan, Sushma (Westview)

Carter, Kaleb (Centennial)

Fettig, Katharine (Centennial)

Hindes, Jennifer (Centennial)

Hines, Jessica (Jefferson)

Lockett, Cindy (Windsor)

McDuffie, Kristi (Robeson parent)

Posey, Gwenetta (Dr. Howard)

Saveley, Kim (Franklin)

Shannon, Kathy (Board Member)

Sotiropoulos, Elizabeth (Alt. Board Member)

Thomas, Orlando (Chair/Windsor)

Vazquez, Heather (Board Member)

Ward, Moriah (Central)

Wright, Joel (Jefferson)

Yacko, Bryan (Central)