Return to school 2020-21

All Students to engage in Distance Learning for the first quarter of 2020-21

Aug. 6, 2020 -- "The health, wellness, and safety of our Unit 4 Community is one of our top priorities, especially now.  As we continue to receive feedback, we’ve made the difficult decision to engage in Distance Learning through the first quarter of the 2020–21 school year.

We fully recognize that this may be distressing news for many students and families but we're here to provide support and guidance as we also learn to adapt to this new learning framework.

During this Distance Learning period, we’ll continue to assess the state of COVID-19. By the end of September, we’ll make another decision whether to continue Distance Learning when the second quarter begins on October 19th or begin to transition to In-Person Learning.

We understand that the next several weeks will feel overwhelming. We also must acknowledge that our most vulnerable students will need us to support equitable access to Distance Learning.  Addressing these inequities is critical, and we're committed to ensuring access for all students.

As our re-entry plan is implemented, then develops into an everyday routine, we will face difficult challenges that require innovative problem solving and agile leadership. Through all of it, we will keep our Unit 4 community informed.  Because, above all, we’re powerfully committed to providing the guidance, knowledge, skills—and safety—for all students to succeed."

-Dr. Susan Zola, Superintendent, Champaign Unit 4 Schools

Schedule your student's physicals and immunizations today

Call your provider to schedule your student’s appointment. Students who have not completed a school physical by September 1 will be excluded from attending school until
all required examinations and vaccinations have been completed. All entering Kindergarten, 6th grade and 9th grade students are required to have proof of a physical and required
immunizations. Students entering 12th grade have a vaccine requirement only. Appointment cards will not be accepted as proof of physical and immunizations.

Programe las vacunas/exámenes físicos de su estudiante

Los estudiantes que no hayan completado un examen físico de la escuela antes del 1 de septiembre serán excluidos de asistir a la escuela hasta que se hayan completado todos los exámenes y vacunas requeridos.
Se requiere que todos los estudiantes que ingresan a Kindergarten, 6to y 9no grado tengan un comprobante de las vacunas físicas y requeridas. Los estudiantes que ingresan al 12mo grado solo tienen un requisito de vacuna. No se aceptarán tarjetas de citas como prueba de inmunización física o vacuna.

Planifiez la visite médicale/vaccination de votre élève dès aujourd’hui

Appelez votre prestataire pour planifier le rendez-vous de votre élève. Les élèves qui n’ont pas eu de visite médicale scolaire au 1er septembre seront exclus de l’école jusqu’à ce que toutes les visites et vaccinations requises aient été complétées. Tous les élèves qui entrent en maternelle, 6e et 9e année doivent avoir la preuve d'une visite médicale et des vaccinations requises. Les élèves qui entrent en 12e année ont uniquement besoin d'un vaccin. Les cartes de rendez-vous ne seront pas acceptées comme preuve de visite médicale et de vaccinations.

Technology Helpline

If you have a Chromebook and are having an issue with it, please contact our help desk at (217) 351-3801 or email: 

Chromebook Repairs

The IT department has been working to develop a smooth and effective program in which we can efficiently repair Chromebooks. We believe we have devised a system in which we can repair Chromebooks while providing safety to the students along with our staff.

Chromebook repairs will happen every Tuesday at the Windsor Administrative Building from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m.

The following steps must be followed by the student/parent before coming to get their Chromebook repaired: 

  • The Student/Parent MUST fill out the following form:
  • After filling out the form, a member of the IT staff will review it. If they are able to fix the Chromebook remotely, they will contact the family to do so. If not, an email will be sent with information regarding the repair. 

Things to keep in mind:

  • For High School Families, we will be keeping track of the student's repairs as our techs typically do. Students are still being charged for repairs as they would be at the schools. Repair prices will be based on the residual value. This will be added to their accounts as they were previously. 
  • We also have a Google Document which shows some basic troubleshooting issues. That document can be here:

Request a Chromebook

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Unit 4 is working to provide district Chromebooks to households who may need additional support. If you are interested in receiving a district Chromebook for your student, it will be checked out to your student who will be responsible for its care.

  • To request a district Chromebook, fill out this form: Request a Chromebook
  • A separate form will need to be submitted for each student for which you wish to request a device. 
  • If you do not have access to a device to complete the form to request a Chromebook, please contact your child's school and ask that they submit the request on your behalf.
  • Requests will be evaluated based upon the supply of devices available. Once evaluated, the District will reach out via phone or email to notify families if their request will be granted with a date and time for pick up.