District Goals

GOAL #1: The Superintendent will foster high academic achievement, wellness, and well-being among all learners in a safe, supportive environment.


A. Improve academic achievement

  • Obtain a minimum of a 5% increase in the overall rate of improvement for all students in reading and math.  Metrics will include Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) in grades 2-5 and Aimsweb for grades 6-8.  Data will be disaggregated for defined demographic groups.
  • Narrow academic achievement disparities among student performance groups that trend data indicates have the greatest disparity (African American and Special Education). Obtain a minimum of an 8 % increase in the overall rate of improvement for African American students and Special Education students in reading and math based on (2nd-5th) grade MAP data and Aimsweb for grade 6-8.
  • The overall district graduation rate for the Class of 2016 will be the same or higher than the State graduation rate.
  • Central and Centennial students’ scores will improve equally or better than the scores of students in Illinois in Reading and Math. If Illinois students demonstrate a decrease in growth, Central and Centennial students’ scores will be less than or equal to the State decrease. (ACT Aspire (10th Grade) to ACT (11th Grade) in Reading and Math for the 2016 Graduating Class)

B. Implement content specific standards with an emphasis on instructional practices to support the development of higher order thinking skills.

  • Report data from site visits conducted by building and central office administration.  Data will focus on the level of implementation of the Gradual Release of Responsibility instructional framework (GRR).  Each building will establish a baseline at the start of the school year with the goal of increasing the overall percentage of high yield instructional practices.  

C. Continue development of a K-12 Computational Thinking/Computer Science Curriculum

  • Monitor student performance in the integrated units of study in the Every Day Math curriculum (EDM4 elementary) and expand the number of campuses and access to developed units.
  • Monitor high school course enrollment and grade rate distribution in computer science courses for access and outcomes for defined demographic groups. 
  • Provide professional opportunities for faculty/staff in collaboration with the University of Illinois and the College Board (Advanced Placement).

D. Expansion of programming focused on career and technical exploration.

  • 90% of all middle school students will have completed the appropriate tasks in Career Cruising to help broaden their awareness of specific strengths, interests and career opportunities.
  • Track the high school career and technical education (CTE) courses, specifically the enrollment in each course by defined demographic groups.  This includes courses at the high schools and Parkland College through the Early College and Career Academy.

E. Monitor the School Resource Officer Program

  • An annual report will be provided that includes the items stated in the Memorandum of Understanding with the Champaign Police Department.  

GOAL #2: The Superintendent will align the District’s priorities and resources through a community-involved planning process implemented through focused action plans with regular progress reports.


A. Grow and develop Board of Education and staff understanding of District financial structure and external impacts on District financial position.

  • Provide updates on proposed and enacted legislation impacting the District’s financial position.
  • Identify areas for potential cost savings across District operations.

B. Recommend and prepare budgets to maximize resources dedicated to teaching and learning.

  • Ensure budgets are aligned with Board policy and established District goals.
  • Investigate opportunities for new and alternative funding sources.

C. Demonstrate strong financial stewardship in managing District operations.

  • Obtain an unqualified audit and unmodified Annual Financial Report.
  • Provide monthly financial reports to the Board of Education and Superintendent.


GOAL #3: The Superintendent will retain, hire, and support highly qualified faculty and staff that will best serve the District’s diverse student population.


A. Development of a plan to hire and retain high quality principals, faculty, and staff who reflect the racial and ethnic composition of the available workforce, with an emphasis on strong building leadership, through incentives including, but not limited to, competitive pay, good working conditions, excellent professional development, mentoring, performance bonuses, and opportunities for advancement.

  • The District’s annual AA/EEO Audit will continue to include a section asking each building/department administrator to review trend data relative to staff diversity and establish specific goals/activities to be undertaken for the year to increase staff diversity.
  • All ethnic/racial groups within the Teacher, Administrator, and Support Staff workforce will be at or above “parity” during the District’s annual AA/EEO Audit.
  • The District’s Minority Teacher Recruitment & Retention Committee will host at least three networking events so minority staff members have an informal venue to socialize and network with colleagues as well as District Administrators and members of the Board of Education.
  • The District’s Minority Teacher Recruitment and Retention Committee will host an annual faculty/staff retreat.  
  • Through its Staff Spotlight Program, the District will publicly recognize one employee who exhibits strong job performance each month at a Board of Education meeting.
  • The District will participate in at least eight college/university recruiting fairs both within and outside the State of Illinois in order to attract high quality, diverse applicants.  Institutions with high levels of minority student enrollment will be specifically targeted in recruiting efforts. 
  • The District will continue to offer every employee who separates from the District the opportunity to complete its Exit Survey. 
  • The District will continue to administer the Illinois State Board of Education’s 5Essentials survey each year.

GOAL #4: The Superintendent will effectively and efficiently engage parents and other community stakeholders resulting in strong partnerships.


A. Proactively seek community support and awareness of our schools through media relations, marketing, social media, events and avenues of mass communication advertising.

  • Align the District's communication activities and resources as necessary throughout the school year to further awareness and support of the Superintendent's goals and major District initiatives. Report on major projects, their intent, and measurement of impact when available. 
  • Monitor media coverage and outreach efforts (including the number of press releases and media hits) to ensure that the District's outreach efforts are garnering consistent and positive media coverage for the District. Monitor coverage to ensure that media articles or stories are accurate and that coverage is indicative not only of newsworthy topics of discussion, but that there are consistently articles showcasing the teaching and learning taking place at each level and as part of key District programs and initiatives. 
  • Monitor the District's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts with the target of 5% growth on the number of followers on Facebook and Twitter, with a 100% follower growth on Instagram, an emerging platform for the District. 
  • Support building and District administrators in developing and maintaining a social media presence as appropriate. 
  • Maintain a positive District presence in the community through attending events and speaking with community groups.  Ensure that the number of such events remains consistent and that relationships with these organizations result in continued partnerships that benefit student learning and the school community. 
  • Maintain and monitor the District and school websites to ensure information is up-to-date and that information is easily accessible to the public. Use website analytics and focus groups to improve the user experience as necessary and ensure consistent or growing number of visitors to the website annually. 
  • Provide a summary of videos produced, including a rationale for their purpose and analytics on how frequently they are viewed, with the goal of a 5% increase in total video views from last year.

B. Foster relationships with community organizations through the Executive Director of Student, Family and Community Supports.

GOAL #5: The Superintendent will leverage the strength of the District’s diverse population to create a rich academic and social environment in each of the District’s schools.


A. Monitor the access and outcomes of historically underserved student populations (African American, Hispanic, Low Income and Special Education) in the following areas: gifted, honors, Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, attendance, graduation rate, extracurricular activities, athletics.

  • Report annually the enrollment in gifted, honors, and Advanced Placement for defined demographic groups. Report grade rate distribution for students in honors and Advanced Placement for defined demographic groups.
  • Advanced Placement scores:
    The percentage of students earning a 3 or higher on all AP exams for the Class of 2016 will be 71% or higher.
    The mean score for students on AP exams for the Class of 2016 will be at or above the Illinois means score, the United States' mean score, and the Global mean score.
  • Parkland Dual Credit enrollment:
    The overall percentage of the 2016-2017 junior/senior class enrolled in dual credit courses will be at or above 13%
  • Attendance Rates:
    The overall attendance percentage will not vary by more than 5% for defined demographic groups.
  • Discipline Rates:
    Decrease disparity of exclusionary disciplinary actions (suspensions and expulsions) by 5% for student performance groups that have the greatest disparity (African American).
  • Graduation Rates:
    The overall district graduation rate for the Class of 2016 will be the same or higher than the State graduation rate.
  • Extra-curricular/athletic participation:
    Report at the middle and high school level participation by defined demographic groups and establish specific plans for student groups that have participation that is less than 20% of other groups.

B. Provide professional development opportunities from a social justice lens and implement procedures and/or initiatives through district use of the culturally responsive framework.

  • Conduct three Social Justice Seminars and support the work of the Social Justice Action Groups.  Action groups will focus on Visible and Invisible Disabilities, Immigrant and ELL Population, LGBTQ Racial Identity Development, and Homeless Student and Family Support.   
  • Continue to increase understanding and build capacity by facilitating social justice trainings for various groups inside and outside of the District. 
  • Provide Board Credit opportunities for teachers/staff focusing on teaching from a social justice lens and/or Culturally Responsive Education (CRE).  

C. Continue implementation of the recommendations received from the 2009 Climate Survey.

  • 75% or more of the Class of 2016 will respond “yes” to the senior exit survey question: Did you feel like part of the Centennial/Central high school community? There will be less than a 10% difference in the “yes” responses between white and black students.
  • 75% or more of the Class of 2016 will respond “yes” to the senior exit survey question: Did you have a positive learning experience at Centennial/Central high school? There will be less than a 10% difference in the “yes” responses between white and black students.
  • Document opportunities that provide faculty/staff and students opportunities to engage in discussions on race and class. 

GOAL #6: The Superintendent will revitalize, build, and maintain facilities that are safe, sustainable and allow equitable access to programming services across the District.


A. Establish and report energy efficiency as a priority in all renovation and new construction projects.

  • Establish energy conservation plan with annual report to the Board of Education.

B. Commit to ensuring all facilities have equitable access to and incorporation of technology as appropriate to support student achievement.

  • Provide updated inventory of devices bi-annually to the Board of Education.
  • Provide a report at the end of each semester that shows usage of key online curriculum resources and tools (ConnectEd, CPM, Google Docs.)  This report will be generated by our internet filter that tracks all traffic in and out of the district. 
  • Develop a strategic plan with input of stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, board members, and technology staff) to explore the logistics (inventory, insurance, ownership, usage, safety) and financial support needed to implement and sustain a k-12 1:1 device program that enhances the instructional program.

C. Continue review and revision of the District Capital Improvement Plan with a yearly report to the Board of Education

  • Provide a bi-annual report on the status of projects and associated costs to the Board of Education.

Note:  All data monitoring and reports will include the following:

Race/Ethnicity (All, White, African American, Asian, American Indian, Hispanic, Multi-racial, Special Education, Free and/or Reduced Lunch, LEP (Limited English Proficiency), Gender

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