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Pride Parade Marches

LGBTQIA+ Task Force

Unit 4 understands social justice as a continual commitment to thoughtfully consider and actively challenge societal norms that privilege some and not others.

The LGBTQIA+ Task Force serves social justice initiatives. The mission of the Task Force is to provide a welcoming and safe environment for our LGBTQIA+ students, families, and Unit 4 staff members. The Task Force meets regularly throughout the year to continue to support the Unit 4 LGBTQIA+ Community and address ongoing issues, concerns, and needs. 

Have questions? Need help and support for yourself or your student? Contact Dr. Laura Taylor, Deputy Superintendent, with questions at

Several of the actions taken by the Task Force over the years includes: 

  • Changed district and building forms from mother/father to parent/guardian.

  • Purchased age-appropriate LGBTQIA+ friendly books for each elementary school that are available for all students to check out. 

  • Encouraged SCHOLASTIC™ to sell non-traditional books LGBTQIA+ focused texts. 

  • Provided in-service training for staff to know their legal obligation and how to respond to LGBTQIA+ discrimination when students report.

  • Instituted a mandated training module all staff are required to complete, focusing on student safety and what they are legally obligated to respond to.

  • Provided ALLY signs to all schools and classrooms, teaching students that ALLY means everyone deserves to feel safe at school. 

  • Helped Edison students who wished to establish a Gay/Straight Alliance by using resources from Franklin and Jefferson student clubs.

  • Provided SafeSpaces signs for all teachers’ classrooms. 

  • Created a media project involving all Unit 4 Schools stating support of LGBTQIA+ students and community. 

  • Educated teachers on how to establish a supportive classroom environment, giving teachers the language to respond to anti-gay bullying.

  • Created district forms, process, and support for inclusive registration procedures. 

  • Continue to support and staff the Unit 4 tent at the annual CU Pride Fest.

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