Hello Champaign Unit 4 Families,

Attendance plays a pivotal role in your student's educational journey. Attending school consistently has a great impact on academic success and personal development. Here are seven important things you should know about school attendance:

  1. Foundation for Success: Daily attendance establishes a strong foundation for academic success. Students who attend school every day are more likely to grasp and understand important concepts, leading to better overall learning.
  2. Every Day Matters: Missing only 3 days of school each month means your student is “Chronically Absent.” It does not matter if the absence is “Excused” or “Unexcused.”  If a student is absent for any reason, they are missing out on learning. 
  3. Punctuality Counts: Arriving on time, and staying for the entire day, is just as crucial as attendance. Tardy students and students who leave early miss important instruction.  
  4. School is a Safe Haven: Consistent attendance not only contributes to academic growth but also provides a safe and structured environment for social interaction and emotional development. Students love seeing their friends at school!
  5. Positive Habits for Life: Encouraging regular attendance instills responsibility and time management skills that are valuable not only during school years but also in future endeavors.
  6. Truancy Laws: It is important to be aware of Illinois truancy laws. Unexcused absences can lead to legal consequences for both parents and students.
  7. Communication is Key: If your child must miss school due to illness or other valid reasons, communicate with the school as soon as possible. If you need additional support with attendance, please contact your child’s school immediately. 

We recognize that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes affect attendance, but we encourage you to prioritize regular attendance whenever possible. By working together, we can create an environment that supports your child's educational journey and sets them on the path to success.

Thank you for your commitment to your child's educational success and the Champaign Unit 4 community.

Warm regards,

James Harden, PhD
Executive Director of Family & Community Engagement
Champaign Unit 4 School District