December 14, 2022 

Dear Families and Staff,

During the December 12th Unit 4 Board of Education meeting, Cooperative Strategies presented an update regarding revisions to the District’s student assignment system based on stakeholder feedback. The Board meeting video can be found here. The presentation and other materials that were previously shared are available here. The presentation will also be available in French and Spanish at this same link in the next two days.  

We are seeking input from current Unit 4 staff and families on what was presented. You should have already received an email from Cooperative Strategies via Survey Monkey (kdh@coopstrategies.com) inviting you to participate in the Schools of Choice survey. Our IT Department provided staff email addresses. Student email addresses were pulled from our student information system for Guardian 1 and Guardian 2. If you did not receive the email, please check your spam or junk mail folders. If you still cannot find the email, check with your child’s school to confirm your email address. 

Although the Cooperative Strategies presentation to the Board of Education and the survey highlights both Scenarios 2 and 4, I want to make sure everyone understands two key ideas regarding New Scenario 4, since they may not have been clear during last night’s presentation. If Scenario 4 is approved:

1. Elementary students would remain at their current school. (Bondville students will attend Kenwood and Jefferson next year. Current students who live in Bondville will be permitted to remain in their current schools only if they provide their own transportation.)

2. Proximity, sibling preference, socioeconomic status, and special programming will continue to be used in the Schools of Choice model.

Cooperative Strategies will provide a final recommendation at the Board’s January 9th meeting and the Board will vote on this recommendation on January 23.

As always, thank you for your support as we strive to provide excellent educational opportunities for our students.


Dr. Shelia E. Boozer



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