Nia Jelani Wilson-Thomas

Nia Jelani Wilson-Thomas, a senior at Centennial High School, was featured on WCIA's Celebrating Central Illinois series. Nia is an executive member on Centennial’s Student Council, a three-sport athlete, and volunteers at the Freedom School, International Prep Academy and is helping organize a blood drive at her church.

Recently, Nia helped put together Centennial’s Black History Month display that can be seen at the school’s entry way. Her Student Council Advisory, Amy Esteves, had this to say about Nia:

“She takes an idea and runs with it and she’s gonna push to make that happen as much as possible. If there’s a barrier she’s going to try to go around that barrier in the right way to make it happen. Not being defeated at the first no or wall that hits. I think it’s a really great thing to be that resilient.”

You can see WCIA’s entire feature on Nia Jelani Wilson-Thomas here: